Lost Island

Don’t get lost, when searching for the gold

Lost Island is a virtual slot machine produced by NetEnt and is featured on many online casinos. The popularity of this slot is based largely on the great graphics, peaceful atmosphere and high potential payout.


The player will find himself in an enchanted forest on a lost island that is full of amazing structures and plants. It is immediately clear that real life on the island is completely separate from the modern age, and that allows the player to get sucked into this amazing environment.


The symbols in the game give players a clue as to the kind of life that happens on the island as well. There is a symbol which takes the form of a stone which has been cut into a key that looks as though it must open a secret chamber in the side of a rock face somewhere on the island. There is another symbol that forms tribal jewellery, complete with three magical blue stones. There is a tribal drum symbol that tells the player that there is a group of indigenous people on the island. Are they safe? Are they friendly? Only the player may have the chance to discover the truth behind the mysterious islanders. There is another symbol that resembles a golden shell that has been carved in a ritualistic manner. Finally, there is the most expensive; a disk with the shape of the head of a God in the centre. These symbols are beautifully-crafted and add all of the island ambiance that one would need to get the feeling of complete immersion.


Betting options

Apart from the wonderful atmosphere that this game brings, there are also a couple of special features that deserve attention. The betting range is huge, which makes the game accessible to all. There is an outstanding jackpot of 500.000 coins, making this game one of the high-payers. There are 20 paylines and the coin values can range from 0.01 cent to €0.50. A player can bet anywhere from 20 cents to €100 depending on the kind of bankroll that they are working with. Imagine for a moment that you bet the max amount and won that €500.000 jackpot! That would mean some serious money for you and your loved ones.


This game is a little short on special features, but what it lacks in the special feature department it makes up for in the multiplier department. Wilds can show up anywhere on the reels and depending on how many show up, the multiplier grows along with it. For example, if one Wild graces the reels, the win will get a x1 multiplier, if two show up anywhere on the reels the multiplier increases to x2. There is a possible x5 multiplier at any given time and when they come the payouts are usually great.


We can definitely suggest that you try this game out if you are looking for a straightforward game. The features that it does have are well done and the overall feel of the slot machine is quite satisfying.

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