Go nuts, and enjoy Fruitoids

Fruitoids is yet another creative addition to the Yggdrasil family of online slots. The up-and-coming company seems to have a knack for designing fun new concepts. In this game, the player will find himself in another world watching the local produce spin. It must be a cold planet, because when the fruit freezes it create huge benefits for the player.

This game takes the player to a unique extra-terrestrial realm, where fruits look a little different than our Earth fruits. They are neon in colour and look as though they would taste – perhaps similar to a sports drink! Beyond the taste, they also look like they just might have personalities unto themselves, which is a little creepy but adds to the feeling of being somewhere far off in the galaxy.


Betting options


There are seven of the space fruits that spin around on the reels and each one has a different value. The player will want to watch out for the big purple fruit, as it has the potential of paying out €500 if five of them land on a payline.


This game also has a couple of unique features. One is the re-spins feature, and the other is the freeze feature that increases your multiplier during play. The re-spins feature provides the player with three or more of any symbol on the reels at any one time with frozen matched symbols. As long as more of the same kind of symbol keeps showing up and adding to the collection, the process continues, making it possible to fill the whole table with the same symbol. It goes without saying that combinations like that are every player’s dream!


The freeze feature is very similar to the re-spins feature, except that it works by filling columns from left to right. If the player fills the left-most column with a specific symbol, that column will freeze and all of the other reels will spin. If the columns continue to fill up, the process continues for the re-spins feature. In the freeze feature, each time a new column gets frozen the multiplier grows. So, not only are you looking at huge combinations, but the winnings are multiplied by up to five, making the possibilities of winning big plentiful.


In our opinion, this game and many others from this company are here to change the game of online slot machine gambling. It is becoming clear that players are hungry for change and innovation, and what better to feed them with than space fruits?!


If you are looking for a fresh take on virtual slots, look no further. This offering from Yggdrasil is a great addition to the world of slot machines, and the unique features found in this game are quite likely to change the way developers approach their new projects in the future.

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